Ontario Trillium Project sees exciting results.

In November 2019 the WIBC was awarded an Ontario Trillium Foundation capital grant for a challenging project aimed at creating safe and accessible docks and storage racks for the boat club. The many layers of the project involved countless hours of WIBC volunteer work, building of the docks and ramps and construction including dock piling and landscaping work. The new docks are adjustable and allow us to adapt to changing water levels. The WIBC is grateful to the OTF and everyone who was involved in seeing this project through. Thank you!

Our new rolling boat storage racks and accessible ramps were made by the students of the Manufacturing and Metalworking class at LaSalle Secondary School. 

For all the work needed to be done to prepare the site we extend our gratitude and thanks to Hulton’s Construction for helping with the landscaping for the new accessible ramp and dock; Rick Wilson and his company for their work installing the new dock pilings; and AJ’s Excavating to help lift the old dock for repairs.

The results can now be seen on site as the new accessible ramp and floating dock have been delivered and are in the water at the Wolfe Island Boat Club making us ready for a spring launch into an exciting season of rowing and sailing. Safe access to the water is a welcome addition for our club and the community of Wolfe Island and we are all looking forward to many more seasons on the water at the WIBC.

One thought on “Ontario Trillium Project sees exciting results.

  1. Wow! What a wonderful effort by so many members of the WI community! Thank you to all for the amazing improvement to the Boat Club. Can’t wait to get back in and on the water this spring.


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