Work Party #2 Saturday

Spic and Span and just like new! With elbow grease, good company and Brittany’s banana muffins a lot of work was done last weekend. Raked, scrubbed, and rinsed, the yard & hulls are looking mighty fine.

A few remaining details will be looked after this Saturday, May 20th. Think warm sun! As the masts go up and equipment gets dried out and sorted we will be doing an inventory.


  • Rig masts – pliers, black tape, gloves, pen knife/rigging knife, gloves
  • Inspect boom vang, main sheet, mainsail & jib, battens – pliers, knife, rags, pen & paper 
  • Inspect tiller & rudder, stern plugs – rags, pen & paper


  • Inspect spars, upper & lower, radial – rags, pen & paper
  • Inspect & inventory boom vang, main sheet, traveller, battens
  • Inspect & inventory daggerboard, tiller, rudder, stern plugs

Boat House

  • Pull out and sun dry life jackets and spare equipment
  • Inventory First Aid equipment & radios
  • Book Sale clean up in the afternoon

We will be organized! Every bit counts. And it will be a great day to hang out in the village. Garage sales, Plant Sale, bakery….. 






Spring Clean Up Starts Saturday!

That’s right, this Saturday. May 13. Bring a rake, bring some tools. Bring some gloves and coffee and a friend! Take a load to the dump for us. Going to town? Put the car in the line up and drop in. It only takes a minute to turn a boat over, but it is way easier with a few extra hands!

  • Raking the yard – rakes & gloves, garbage bags, loads to the dump.
  • Turning the boats – gloves, rags to wipe down.
  • Rigging the masts on the Pirates – pliers, rigging tape, rags to wipe down.
  • Taking stock of the plugs, hardware and rigging – pen, paper.
  • Boat house, floors, windows – garbage bags, rags, vinegar, buckets, broom.
  • Front door flower pots and lawn – bright, easy grow, flowers and grasses.
  • Book Sale – general tidying and taking stock, purging, and shelving.

So come on out, share some water stories, meet new members, and get ready for spring! The weather network is calling for sun!